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Financing your purchase for New Launches


For an 30-year Singaporean individual purchasing his 1st private property at $1 million,


Downpayment of 20%:

Cash: (0.05*$1mil)=$50,000

CPF/Cash: (0.15*$1mil)=$150,000


Stamp Duties:

Buyer's Stamp Duty=CPF/Cash: (0.03*$1mil)-$5,400=$24,600

Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty=NA


And obtaining a 30-year loan from a typical Financial Institution in Singapore, where final year of loan tenure terminates before borrower turns 65 years old,

(Assuming no other loan obligations and Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) compliant)


*Maximum Loan (or Loan-to-Value Ratio) of 80%:

Quantum: $800,000

Interest Rate (For illustration ONLY): 1.5%

No. of Months: 360 (or 30 years)

Monthly Mortgage Repayments: $2,761


*Calculations for illustrative purposes only. Maximum loan eligible and interest rates packages varies with different Financial Institutions (FIs), subject to each FI's risk assessment factors. For a detailed understanding of your mortgage obligations, please get in touch with me or speak to your preferred Mortgage Financing Specialist. 

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