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What I bring to the table:

"Proactive, Sincerity, Feedback" (PSF)


I bring a "can-do" spirit and positive energy towards my clients' property plans. Being pro-active to advance my clients' interests energizes me, and I try my best to bring the odds to their favour. I see myself as a problem-solver, and will try to pre-empt potential issues, initiate solutions and manage expectations of all parties professionally.


When I am engaged to take on a property assignment, I am sincere about seeing things through to completion and helping my clients progress. Most, if not all, successful property plans progression come from strong rapport, honesty and commitment between client and realtor, and I derive a lot of energy and motivation through this. This is also why many of my clients engaged me exclusively, as I give them my all for their commitment.

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I am a strong advocate of regular and clear communication between client and realtor, to the extent my clients find me long-winded for constantly asking if they have any questions for me. I am transparent and upfront with my communication style, and value my clients inputs for the sale as I see them as partners. Regularly I update my clients on the marketing activities done, the profile of buyers who enquired and viewed, as well as the buyers viewing feedback.

- Why Ivan Ng Realtor? -

He cares that his clients succeed in their objectives, and places emphasis on listening to understand clients’ thoughts and concerns before advising any next move.


He attempts to imagine himself in the clients position and shed light on the best approach and “what he would have done”.

He brings a problem-solving approach to the table and attempts to come up with a holistic solution to meet the clients’ objectives and all parties expectations.


With a hassle-free client experience as priority, the big picture and the small details such as logistics and timeline are all given thought to and he sees things through to completion.

He value-adds and brings energy and commitment to his clients' property plans. As an “active on the ground” realtor, he takes a business owner mindset to his work and actively keeps up to date with the real estate market movements and regulations in Singapore, and how it impacts his clients.

"My Value-Add"

Property Market Trend Insights
Interpretation of Property Measures/Policies and How It Affects You in Layman Terms


Property Portfolio Restructuring

Feasibility of Property Plans
Financial Calculations & Planning  


Potential Property Valuation Range

Setting the Property “Right” for Presentation
24/7, 365 Days Online Platforms Property Exposure
Targeted Marketing Strategies


Qualifying Potential Buyers
Timeline Co-ordination for Smooth Transition

Advice on Appeal Cases and Optimal Approach
Ancillary Support Services (Handyman, Contractors, Movers Contacts etc.)



& Many More

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- HDB Flat Buyers
Mr. & Mrs. Lau


"As 1st-timer Buyers we had plenty of questions, and were uncertain on how best to proceed. A discussion with Ivan cleared our doubts and our plans could progress quickly. We are comfortable with his working style as he is not pushy, and tries to think from our point of view.


It took us about 8 months & at least 30 viewings to find something ideal, & Ivan was always happy to 'house-hunt' with us, always emphasizing "Don't worry, suit you then buy. Important is that you all buy happy & parents endorse the unit".


Eventually, we got our ideal unit, negotiated below valuation. The financial planning calculations were smooth, breakdown was detailed and schedule of payments illustrated clearly so we know what to expect at each phase.


Every phase of hdb process & timeline was explained in detail & hassle free. If you're looking for an agent who is professional & patient, can give Ivan a call. He values the long-term relationship and looks out for your interests. Thanks Ivan and see you at our housewarming!"


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