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Client Reviews

-  HDB Yishun BTO 5-RM Sellers, Private Property Upgraders --
Mr. and Mrs. Koh

I would like to express my appreciation to Ivan Ng for his excellent work.

He is a dedicated, client-focused, patient and sincere agent.


Throughout the whole process of selling and looking for our next property,

he has always acted very professionally that makes my wife and I feel at ease

and assured.


Ivan is not a pushy and hard sales agent. Ivan listens and understands our needs and carefully guided us through. We are fortunate to have Ivan as our agent.


Thank you Ivan.





  -- EC Sellers, Private Property Buyers --

Dr. Chan & Ms. Xie 

I would like to compliment Mr Ivan Ng for his professional work and effort.I sent my first post in Jan 2019 and Ivan replied promptly, so I have decided to contact Ivan for follow up.


My EC was not ready for sale due to MOP (another 3 months from Jan) at that time and Ivan was able to give me advices on how to proceed from there. 


Ivan was able to arrange for new property showroom appointment at a timely manner while helping us to list for our EC for sale. We were a bit worried when our EC sale time was longer than expected due to trade war, but Ivan was able to reassure us that our EC would sell. By November, he managed to secure a buyer for our EC.


Thank you Ivan for your hard work and thorough commitment.





-- -- HDB Jurong West 5-RM Sellers, Exec Apartment Purchasers -- 

Lenz & Michelle


We would like to thank you for ensuring a smooth and well-explained process throughout the whole selling and buying of our property. We got to know you thru Property Guru, where we are scouting for condo around West area. We remember that we are quite tight in our budget in purchasing the condo unit,but you are still very willingly explaining and calculating our financial liabilities. You are always having your smiles whenever we met for discussion.

We appreciated your process of selling and buying of our property are very systematically and well executed, from financial calculation to the purchase procedure of our new house. We are always being updated thru our group chat during the engagement of your service.


We would never expect such a smooth sailing experience of selling and buying of property. Your professionalism in work will definitely be remembered and rewarded. All the best in your property venture!

-- -- HDB Sengkang BTO 4-RM Sellers --

Desmond & Jin Na


Its tedious having to go through the resale process but our agent Ivan has made it seamless and pleasant throughout the process.


He is sincere and very knowledgeable in the housing matters and make it a point to explore all the pros & cons in presenting the alternative solutions.

Kudos to you Ivan and all the best to you. I recommend Ivan to those who are in the midst of finding an agent for your housing sale & purchase plans

desmond jinna ivan.jpg

-- HDB Hougang 4-RM Sellers Mdm. Ng & Jean --



Ivan was the first and only agent that we met before engaging him as our exclusive agent.


At the first meeting, Ivan meticulously went through the entire sale process. As we were not familiar with the procedures, he spent extra time to explain what was required from us and what we should expect.

After a week of preparation, Ivan came to take photographs, and once the advertisements were up, we had interested parties coming to view the apartment the very next day.


Within a week, we had secured an offer from the buyer. Ivan was reliable and responsive, and he made the entire process smooth and hassle free

-- HDB BTO 4rm Sellers & Private Property Upgraders -- 

Mr. Farvin & Ms. Sel


We like to commend our realtor, Ivan Ng, whom we appointed as our exclusive agent to sell our flat in 2016. 


Our estate had just touched 5 years MOP and had quite a number of competing units for sale, and we were concerned if we can secure a decent offer in the current slow market.


Ivan was the first agent that we met up with and right from the offset we had good vibes as he has a friendly personal approach, detailed working style and focuses on building the long-term relationship. Our unit comes with its challenges but Ivan remained positive and had no qualms committing to our plans right from the start.


It took only 6 weeks of aggressive marketing for him to secure a good offer which was a pleasant surprise in the end. Interestingly, the eventual buyer commented Ivan was the only agent who was respectful to his mum during his viewings, which helped with his decision.


Ivan was always responsive and we had no worries to pass him the house keys. The whole process was transparent and hassle free, and he was always thinking from our point of view on how to make life easier for the client. We are kept informed regularly on the profile of the viewers as well as their feedback. He was there for all viewings, timeline coordination, financial planning, valuation, inspection all the way to HDB completion appointment. He is a committed professional and has fast execution, so we felt assured that things are done well and we can entrust the sale process entirely to him.


We're looking to find an investment property next and will be glad to work with Ivan again for the long-term to restructure our property portfolio. He has become a friend now, and we are most happy to recommend his professional services to our loved ones and friends.

- HDB Flat Upgraders (Buy & Sell)
Mr. and Mrs. Lee

We decided to engage Ivan as our Exclusive agent as we were impressed with how he answered the enquiries on propertyguru website.

He has helped us to find our ideal unit and also sold our current unit. He was very patient and never pushy when we were looking for our ideal unit. He would tell us that it is always important to find a unit that we really liked.

When it comes to selling of our unit, he was always prompt in arranging for viewings and he also tried his best to arrange and consolidate the viewings due to our time constraints. He is a reliable and prompt agent and is always willing to clarify any concerns and questions that we have.

Thanks Ivan! :)




-- Sellers of Exec Maisonette Gaffoor & Isha --


We engaged Ivan’s professional service for selling off our flat in Woodlands. Ivan is a genuinely sincere and dedicated agent. As a trained, professional, meticulous and highly responsible property agent, we trusted him to give advices and follow through on our property matters. 

Buying or selling property is a big decision, as we wanted to make sure our agent is someone we can trust, get in touch with, and approachable. Ivan certainly fits the bill. He was available anytime of the day to answer our queries and was with us throughout the process. We have no reservations in recommending him. 

Keep up the good work, Ivan! And thank you.

-- HDB upgraders to New EC owners Kenny & Tracie --

I would like to give compliments to my agent Ivan Ng for successfully closing the deal for me. HDB resale completion appointment was done last week.


My unit was marketed by another agent back in Q3 2017 and after more than 3 months, there wasn’t any offer. I almost lost hope and thankfully I made the right decision to switch to Ivan. We then met up and went through the necessary discussions.


Through his hard work, perseverance & commitment, my unit was sold by Q1 this year. Would definitely recommend Ivan’s services to any potential sellers out there. Keep up the good work Ivan!




-- HDB BTO 4rm Sellers at Fernvale Jonathan & Abigail --


We believe it is by divine appointment for us to meet Ivan! Our property agent! “Knock, it will be open to you! ”


By faith, we signed the contract with Ivan and in less than two weeks time, we opened our house for the first and the only viewing, days later the OTP was signed! Thank you Ivan for your faith to knock!! Thank you for all your excellent diligent services and all the professional advise, thank you for guiding us through each steps!


We are really grateful to have you along side in this journey of selling our HDB flat, it has been such a smooth and enjoyable journey!!

-- HDB 5-RM Sellers Mr. & Mrs. Ting -- 


We have engaged the services of Ivan Ng for sale of our property at Pandan Gardens. He is professional and systematic in his marketing approach.

He is hardworking and committed to his work. He puts in great efforts in arranging clients for viewings and kept us updated thereafter. He is ever ready to help and guide us whenever the need arises.

He provided us with sound and useful advice as well as closely follow through from the start till the smooth sale of the property within a short period of time.

Thanks, Ivan. Keep up the good work!

-- HDB 4rm Sellers at Sengkang Rafael Conde & Ana --


I would like to thank Mr Ivan Ng for helping us on selling our hdb flat. Ivan is a nice person, dynamic and energetic, and I find him very dedicated to his clients. Despite of the poor market, he was able to bring potential buyers almost every week, and he never gave up until he closed a deal. Again, thank you Ivan and I wish you all the best!




- HDB Flat Sellers(HDB 组屋卖家)
Uncle "Seng" and Mdm. Png


We are from the Pioneer Generation, already in our 70s, and have no experience selling HDB flat. As our new BTO is arriving, we considered selling our flat earlier. Maybe it's fate, Ivan was prospecting for business at our block and knocked on our doors, and we started chatting about our housing plans.


We felt he was a patient agent who is willing to hear out our plans and concerns, and explain new HDB selling procedures clearly to us. He is also a hardworking agent who did Roadshows for weeks to create awareness for our unit, and we quickly found a buyer through this avenue.


We also appreciate that he made the extra effort to accompany us down to the Banks and Town Council to help us with the outstanding paperwork procedures, and ensure the sale go through smoothly. Throughout the process, we always felt assured and happy, as Ivan was always professional, accessible and saw things through till conclusionIvan will remain as a family friend and we will be glad to invite him over for coffee when our BTO is ready.



-- HDB 3-RM Sellers Mdm. Fong & Family -- 


We were getting BTO keys soon, and started looking for an agent to market our flat. Like Ivan’s previous clients, we chanced upon his client testimonials online and decided to give him a call. We are glad that Ivan had not disappoint and true to what his clients have mentioned, we had a similar positive client experience.

Ivan followed up quickly even though our case came with its challenges, being a 40+ year old flat in a mature estate, an urgent timeline due to BTO keys collection and marketing through the Christmas and Chinese New Year lull viewing period. He consistently brought viewers weekly and kept us updated, and remained upbeat even though it stretched past the 3 month exclusive period. Eventually he secured a good offer and we had just recently moved into our new BTO place.

What we observed was that when he took on the case, he sincerely wants to solve our housing issues and help things progress to completion. He also wrote in to the BTO officer several times to update her on our progress, and enquire and try to coordinate the key collection for a smooth transit. These are things beyond his work scope but he does not mind and will take the initiative to help out.
Ivan Ng ZhengXiong, thank you for your professionalism and commitment. Keep up the good work, wishing you future success and stay in touch.

- HDB Exec Apartment Flat Sellers
Mr. Hayum and Ms. Azizah


Ivan has justified our faith in appointing him as our Exclusive Agent.

He transacted our unit at 620k, above valuation & highest price ever achieved for our block, within 2 months.


In a slow market, you need a proactive & committed agent who puts the extra effort. Besides advertising in papers & online intensively, he also had personally distributed flyers & spoke to potential buyers in neighboring blocks to increase exposure. Every week there were viewings & feedback.


He actually secured 2 attractive offers but assessed that the 2nd one will be a more smooth transaction. We're glad to have proceeded with his advice for a successful completion. Throughout he was professional and responsive. We wish him a great career and will be happy to recommend his services.


- HDB Flat Buyers (Malaysian SPR Buyers)

Mdm. Choy & Mr. Allan

"As a first time HDB re-sales and Malaysian SPR buyer, we have lots of doubts on HDB resale procedure and financial plan. Ivan is knowledgeable on "HDB cases" and willing to listen to customer voices.


Every question he will respond promptly and make it easily to understand. He always asks our concerns after each house visitation to identify our needs. We don't need to spend so much time to house-hunt.


We successfully get our ideal housing within a short period. It is really a smooth and hassle free buying process with Ivan's guide. To Ivan, thank you for the great support and good job."


- Ms. Toh, Condo Investor in the East

"Ivan is a young agent filled with dedication for his work. He seeks to stay long in this career.


I seeked out his service among a sea of agents as his belief on his website is credibility. I need an agent who is honest and provide me the knowledge needed to navigate the property market. Ivan's commitment and earnestness made up for his young age.


He has made a promise to find a good tenant for me in two years time when the condo completes, and I appreciate this commitment"

Mr. & Mrs. Sim, Condo Landlord Client


First of all I wish to thanks Ivan for all his advises & efforts in dealing of my property. 


Since i handed over my unit key to him he had been keeping me in the loop all the times  , handling all viewings, updating me with prospect's details after each viewing and topped up with his expert opinions too. He not only managed to acquire a tenant in such a short time but also achieved good rental for my property. Job well done Ivan.


Through this deal i found Ivan is a reliable, sincere n caring person. Always very ensuring & responsible. I definitely looking forwards to work with Ivan soon. 


All the best Ivan. 

Ms. Lai, HDB Landlord Client (3 years and ongoing)


"Dear Ivan, I am writing this to thank you for service, I think you are excellence and work hard to find me a tenant. I know it was difficult because I am very selective and I always not available for viewing. 


You are sincere and can be trusted, that why I willing to pass you my house key. You have provided extra mile service by traveling to Singapore Zoo to collect the house key from me when I had to be with my family, and help me to touch up my house so that it was more appealing to the potential tenant.


You have encouraged me to accept the good tenant profile when I was indecisive . Now, the tenants have moved in happily, I am so grateful for your advice. I wish you success in your business and will be glad to refer other clients to you."

- Suria (Ms) and Uncle Hashim, HDB Landlord (3 years and ongoing)

Hi Ivan,  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I would like to thank you again for putting in much effort to rent out my parents flat. The whole process was smooth with you ensuring the tenant profile meets our preference and informing us the tenant profiles before hand.


Honest feedback was also given to improve the flat condition to make it look better for the tenant. You are trustworthy that we are comfortable to leave the house keys with you for viewing when we are not able to meet the appointment timing.


We also appreciate that you made a few trips down to my place to help us with the online application with HDB which we have issue with.

You also efficiently explain to us the terms and issues of subletting the whole flat. Overall, it is a great experience working with you. Thank you once again."  


HDB Flat Sellers (HDB 组屋卖家)
Uncle "Seng" and Mdm. Png


我们是建国一代(Pioneer Generation), 没有卖组屋的经验。新屋BTO要拿锁匙了,所以考虑早一点卖掉屋子。可能是缘分,有一晚Ivan过来敲门来问看我们有没有房屋计划,刚好和他聊起来。


他便有耐心地了解我们的计划与要求,也慢慢解释新的HDB law给我们听。他也是勤劳的agent,有几个星期都在邻里做roadshow,让多一点人知道我们要卖。结果也是这样他遇到我们最终的买家,帮我们成交。


他也有特地配我们到bank 和 town council 帮我们做其他的手续。整个过程我们都开心满意,因为我们一路来卖的时候都很放心,他做事都很专业,有头有尾,我们也多一个朋友可以喝茶。


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